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By | February 23, 2024

Sometimes photographs cannot convey all the impressions that filled you at the moment of shooting. With Adobe Lightroom Classic tools, you can edit your photos on your computer and capture your emotions. Adobe Lightroom Classic provides powerful editing tools and advanced controls…Read More »

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Welcome to Animator’s Heaven! X-Pose Picker is designed as a universal, multi-platform tool for riggers and animators. It is a way to select things and control things inside of Blender and other supported software. just like it’s used in professional studios. With…Read More »

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By | February 22, 2024

changelog for v3.5.3 Updated 23 FEB 2024 New Features The latest version is 3.5.2, updated on February 17, 2024. Physically based energy attenuation algorithm. Built-in ‘Joint Alignment Tool’ add-on. Built-in ‘Surface Heat Diffuse Skinning’ add-on. Built-in ‘Corrective Smooth Baker’ add-on. Complete skinning…Read More »

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By | February 22, 2024

keKit is a General Tool-Kit Add-On for Blender Extensive options for customizing & optimizing workflows. An all-in-one collection of Scripts, Tools, Macros and Pie-Menus, etc. Modular – The kit is composed of separate modules that can be enabled or disabled. At your…Read More »

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Tips and tricks in ZBrush to make clothes look believable and worn. Practical ways to sculpt a wide range of materials and fabrics in ZBrush. Painting techniques using displacement in Mari and Substance Painter, this will raise the level of believability of…Read More »

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Major Feature Release – Turbo Tools V4 now with Temporal Intelligence added to the Temporal Stabilizer + 700% faster split channel stabilisation! Turbo Tools is a full rendering pipeline addon, compatible with all operating systems and hardware supported by Blender. The addon…Read More »

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Auto-Highlight in Outliner is an addon for Blender’s Outliner that was developed in response to a request by a member of the Blender community. It streamlines your workflow by automatically expanding the Outliner to show the selected object whenever you click on…Read More »